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2019. aastal osales Eesti Naabrivalve EUNWA (European Neighbourhood Watch Association) tegevuse taaskäivitamises. Rahvuslik võrgustik on aja jooksul passiivseks jäänud ja tegevus peaaegu olematu. Sellisel kujul ei täida võrgustik oma tegevuse eesmärke ja puudub igasugune väärtus liikmeskonnale. EUNWA juhtkond kutsus kokku töögruppi, et edasisi tegevusi planeerida, Eesti Naabrivalve osales selles tegevuses. Arutlusel oli mitu võimalust, kuidas tegevust jätkata. 2019. aasta lõpuks ei ole veel otsustatud, kas organisatsiooni tegevus lõpetatakse või tegevus jätkub uue juhtkonna eestvedamisel.
  • EUNWA Newsletter 01/2017
Overview of the Estonian Neighbourhood Watch (ENHW) activities in 2016.

Estonia’s Internal Security Development Plan 2015-2020.
The Internal Security Development Plan is regulating the co-operation between the state and the ENHW. Starting from 2008 the Estonian Ministry of Interior is involving different partners into the process of putting together the development plan and our co-operation and input has increased every year. There are four focal topics in the development plan but the general idea is to prioritize, promote and support individual commitment and contribution, safety is not just the states responsibility.

ENHW contributed very intensively in putting together Estonia’s Internal Security Development Plan 2015-2020. Since we are the biggest and oldest volunteer organisation in this field, our experiences and knowledge was highly valued. We can straight admit that our co-operation with the state is in very good level, it’s not a project based support any more. Now we are facing a new challenge - policy development is taking a lot from our resources and we don’t want that our main activities will suffer through this work.

Who has more interest towards Estonian security policies, here is the English version
2 national campaigns
Besides our everyday activities in promoting neighbourhood watch we also implemented 2 bigger campaigns. The main aim was to recognise active and energetic people who are contributing for the safety increase.

The first campaign is called “Good neighbour”, we have implemented this campaign already 6 years. We encourage Estonian people to send us information about their good neighbours, describe and explain why they think they have the best neighbours in the world. They can submit their information through a special web-page, or if they want they can send this information also with the post. We have formed a small group who will look through all the descriptions and with the scoring system the best neighbour is chosen. We have several awards in co-operation with different companies, this year the best neighbour could take his family to spend a weekend in a SPA in a small Estonian city, also the company Mercedes Benz gave their newest car for free use for this weekend. The campaign was supported also from real estate company, books stores etc. Usually we hand over the prices in our annual meeting where we also celebrate our organisations birthday, so this brings us also some media coverage.

Below a photo with the best neighbours 2016.
Another regular campaign, which also took place in 2016. is called “Good official”. Through this campaign we want to recognise the public servants who work in the field of safety and who have contributed more then their actual work duties demand. Yes, there are lot of these kinds of officials.

So we ask people to nominate the officials and also to describe shortly why they think this official is the best, what activities make her/him worth for the title. We use similar web-page as in the “Good neighbour” campaign, we gather all the applications and small jury will choose the best official from the submitted candidates. As with “Good neighbour” campaign” it is always difficult to choose, the nominated persons all deserve a recognition.

For the “Good official” campaign we don’t have a special final event, in our opinion it is important to recognise the nominated persons in front of the colleagues, so in co-operation with him/her employer we will find the best way to do it. This year we had the best official from the Ministry of Interior and this recognition came to him as very pleasant surprise.

Actually these campaigns don’t demand so much resources but the outcome is very positive and useful. Through these campaigns also our organisation will get more attention.  If somebody has bigger interest towards these campaigns we are gladly sharing more detailed information.

Tiina Ristmäe

NGO Estonian Neighbourhood Watch
Head of the board