• The Estonian Neighbourhood Watch Association

The Estonian Neighbourhood Watch Association (ENHWA) has its roots in people’s fear of crime and their desire to protect themselves. The Estonian NHW model was developed following the United Kingdom’s example. During the time and influenced by local conditions the model has changed and achieved the necessary essence which works well in Estonia.

ENHWA is an association founded on May 5th, 2000 as a civic initiative, goal of which is increasing of sense of security of dwellers at homes and close vicinity to homes by dweller’s own active practice in the field of neighbourhood watch. It was the citizens reaction towards dramatic cut of the number of the police officers in 2000. The first and main aim of this organisation is to raise interest within dwellers of private houses as well as apartment buildings towards neighbourhood watch and to inform them of the goal, principles and possibilities of neighbourhood watch.

To reach this aim, the ENHWA facilitates forming of groups of people dealing with neighbourhood watch and supporting their activities, introduces principles of neighbourhood watch, publishes print-outs and carries out trainings and develops co-operation with state and municipal governments, police and other institutions.

The task of ENHWA is to be an organisation that unites nongovernmental associations and persons dealing with neighbourhood watch, to share with its members information and training regarding neighbourhood watch. The Association is a representative of its members in finding partners and in development of co-operation with them.